New X10 onAndy Warhol

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Re: New X10 onAndy Warhol

Yes, And I am new at it, honestly looking for orbs, under a lot of pressure from some here. I don't feel it is fair to go after someone while on a fact finding mission. If the orbs are so big and mean we will easily find them, no? And then, it is up to each x10 owner to decide if they can live with the defect. So far, in my case I am more annoyed by the time this camera takes tu turn on than the orbs, but What I do is set it to never sleap and turn LCD off so, when the zoom is at 28 or more, the camera will be on and ready to shoot ...

I think that saying that a phrase of Einstein is not valid because he is no longer alive would also discualify other people like Jesus ¡ Get it? your Honor... It goes to prove withnes logic thinking allready affected by blind orb hate ... Just kidding / relax, no big deal

fineartdigital wrote:

Nice! Orbology, the science of, if you look hard enough you can find any defect you want to.

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Mean people suck

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The important thing is not to stop questioning---Albert Einstein.

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