8 overdue camera improvements

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8 overdue camera improvements

Canon and others:

Am I asking for too much? The following proposals are all ultra-low-tech yet noone (at least from Canon) seems to adress this simple stuff:

5-digit file numbers.
Why is there no opportunity to apply at least 5-digit frame count numbers?

This way every shot taken with a specific camera would bear a unique number allowing for perfect chronological archiving along the lifetime of a camera including numbers of actuations!

Standalone/assignable bracketing button

Why doesn't Canon provide a separate or programmable bracketing ON/OFF button, instead of let us fiddling around in menus two times for just one QUICK bracketing shot??

Maybe they did it by extended customizing of the newer models but on my 5D Mk II: no way! One of the most important options has not been available since decades (maybe the 1D series could?)

Second tripod mount.

When will there ever be a second ¼ in. tripod mount, maybe an inch away from the first? Finally a way to attach gear like flash-brackets and quick-release plates in a SECURE and hasselfree way!
If you need it it's there, and if you don't: just ignore it!

Third party gear would adopt the new standard very fast and even come out with new possibilities…

MLU and self timer combined.

Why is there no custom function to automatically combine the self timer with mirror lock up??

Mounting-holes on flashes.

Why don't at least the bigger models have something like at set of standardized holes on the reflector housing to accommodate certain accessories? As it is now, you have to strap, tape, press, clamp, velcro this stuff on the flash. Third party manufacturers would quickly jump on that train! But wow: they finally (Canon 600EX) managed to let filters be slid in before the reflector – something that Vivitar already provided in the 70ties (285)!

AF assist pattern without the need of flashing.

Why isn´t it possible to use the flashs AF help pattern in a mode that doesn't engage the flash to fire inaliably (without switching it off every time before shooting)?

For example time exposures in the woods at night: I need to carry a torch light/laser with me just to focus on a tree…

Lens caps of course!
Ever tried to take off the lens cap of an 135/2.0 L with lens hood attached?

Tokina has the “new” design since almost ever, even Nikon has adopted the idea years ago.

Remote flash cable.

Why are there no passed thru hot shoe contacts on top of the hot shoe end of the cable?

Sometimes you may want to disengage the flash from the camera for just one or two shots and then effortlessly mount it back on the cam's hot shoe again. But can you? No, you will have to take off the Remote flash cable from the camera first (AND from the flash to avoid it hanging around) and store it somewhere - just because it has no hot shoe on top of it to park the flash.

Just 8 easy ideas (out of maybe 80) which could have been implemented decades ago with NO effort at all... What´s wrong with these guys?

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