Recommend a camera for my wife

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Re: Recommend a camera for my wife

You didn't mention if YOU were a photographer, perhaps with some better equipment.

My wife struggled along with several consumer-grade P&S cameras, and was frustrated at the poor quality she got compared to what I was able to achieve with better equipment. And, of course, gave me strong negative feedback over what I was spending on my hobby.

So, I bought her a decent DSLR (Canon 50D) with a good zoom lens (18-200). Immediately, the quality (and quantity) of her work increased, and she started borrowing some of my lenses. But (and this is a big but) she stopped whining about what I was spending, and even suggested that a 500mm lens would fit in "our" budget.

The end result: my wife is producing some really nice work, and we now share a hobby. Unlike some other couples we know, WE have a hobby in common, and spend much more time together, planning outings and making images.

You may wish to look at the Canon SX40, which I recommended to my Dentist for his wife. Both she and he are quite pleased with it.

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