Triggertrap and OM-5?

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Re: Triggertrap and OM-5?

DISCLAIMER: I am 50% of Triggertrap Ltd

Hey there. I'm sorry to hear that you are upset that we shipped the Triggertrap Mobile before the v1. It was a business decision in the end; the TTv1 had one delay after the other (although we are now finally shipping, luckily), and the Triggertrap Mobile was finished earlier, largely because it is a vastly simpler product, with a single supplier, instead of the network of pitfalls that was TTv1.

We were facing a choice: Wait until the TTv1 was ready to ship, whilst we had thousands of Triggertrap Mobile dongles ready to go, or simply press the button and launch. We chose the latter.

I'm sorry you feel that was the wrong decision, but I am pretty sure that, emotions aside, most business owners would have made the same decision.

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