Canon 7D lemon and horrible Canon Customer Service

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sstephan Regular Member • Posts: 112
here you go

same thread in question , same user
so what was wrong here ?
he checked the camera with different lens in the shop , and it didnt work .
then the camera WAS CHECKED FOR FREE by the shop, cant you read that ?

later , the user gets back and claims it was a lens? lol , his camera didnt work with any lens in the shop , then it was "checked" for free , and then , they (canon) told him that the lens was a problem , lol .
you can believe whatever you want .

crazybadger wrote:

You see...this is why nobody listens to you, and why these forums degenerate all the time into fights. You can not even admit you are wrong even when the evidense is black and white. Even when you are obviously wrong you still rant and rave and your only means of defence is to scream "fanboy".

Ladies and gentlemen.
Here is the thread in question:

Read through it if you wish, but here is the OPs final statement:

Please note it says

"turns out it wasn't the 7d,it was the lens,now its all sorted out..thanks everybody "

Please explain how I am "trying" to prove you are wrong. I don't have to try anything. It is there for everyone to see. Now as I said earlier, I am not posting this to try and insinuate that all 7D problems are invalid. I have stated time and time again that I fully expect some cameras to have problems. The point of my post was rather to show a prime case of someone (you) who even when all the evidence clearly states otherwise, STILL attacks a particular camera as being faulty.

Now what is also troubling, is that some others who also have a beef with the 7D, then rush to your support when you spew your hatred. And yet, by doing so they weaken their entire argument. If people can not accept when they are wrong, even when all the evidence is clear to see, why should we beleive them for anything else. THIS is at the root of why so many people are fed-up around here. People such as yourself, spouting off, refusing to accept evidence even when it is clear as the threads I linked above. If you can not accept when you are clearly wrong, why bother? Your only argument is to scream "fanboy". Oh...ouch...I'm hurt, how will I ever recover?

You know what though...I would rather be called a fanboy by someone like you than be a closed minded and ignorant person who refuses to accept the evidence in front of him.

Back to my original point last post. To those who have real problems, sorry to hear. Hopefully, canon will do what it should to fix them. But just to automatically shout "it is the camera, it is defective" without first trying to seriously get to the root of the problem...well that isn't helping either, and is no more useful than the guy above or the "fanboys" you rage against. If a person sends in a perfectly good camera when the real issue is the technique or lens, then how have you helped?

sstephan wrote:

in that thread , the op clearly states that his camera was send to canon , and that he tested the camera with a different lens in the shop and it still wasnt focusing right .

but this fanboy above your post will try to prove , again and again that "i was wrong" and it was a faulty lens lol .

my 7d was also fixed by canon , with the same faulty af problem .it was sent 2 times , the first time it came back with canon claiming that theres nothing wrong with it .

instead of tracking the problem , and actually helping faulty 7d owners , the fanboys on this board only blame the user , and post their stupid pics to show how sharp their beloved 7d is .

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