The Leica M and bad eyesight

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Re: The Leica M and bad eyesight

Katsunami wrote:

Since some time ago, I've decided to switch my Canon gear over to an M-based system. To be honest, I'm not a Leica affictionado, but I like the M-system because there is a big choice of lenses from different manufacturers, and with the mirrorless system, more and more camera's, also from different manufacturers, will be able to use M-lenses in the future.

how many focal lengths do you really need? if it is just 1, buy an X2 and let it do the focussing for you. You can zoom with your feet if required.

But, there is the catch.

I've often read that using an M-type rangefinder requires 20/20 sight. I don't

Manual focus requires good vision, but when focussing at infinity like a scenery -the focussing is a lot easier.


have that; in Europe we measure in percentages, where 100% is equal to 20/20. My sight is only 34% after corrections. If someone with 100% can see something at a distance of 10 meters, then someone with 50% sight has to be at 5 meters to see the same; and so on.

At the moment, I use the Ricoh GXR-M, which has focus assist, and enlargement. I can focus this camera very well, even when only using the enlargement. I set it so the "effective" image in the viewfinder would be around 200mm. (So my 35mm is around 52mm on the camera, I set an enlargement of 4, and I can perfectly focus.) Combining the enlargement with MODE 2 assist (high pass contrast highlighting), it gets even easier.

I've never tried Sony's NEX peaking, but I imagine it will be similar with similar results. (I actually really like the NEX-7 a lot; pity about the crap results with sub-35mm M-lenses.)

I can see myself buying a second hand M9 some day, after the M10 hits the market (or another rangefinder appears, or something), firstly because it's full frame, secondly because I think I'd like the rangefinder experience. I can see the appeal of seeing outside the frames, and that sort of stuff.

But... How well can a rangefinder be used by someone with eyesight as bad as mine? Is it something like:

  • It can be done, but you will be slow (no problem, I'm slow with the GXR-M too)

  • It can be done, but half of your images will be out of focus (only happens occasionally with the GXR-M)

  • It can't be done. Better stick to EVF-camera's with focus assist and enlargements.

It'd like to hear your thoughts.

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