Is this a studio?

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Re: Is this a studio?

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

drh681 wrote:

and the "ambient" light you disdain is a source and quality all its own.

depending on the window's orientation to the sun's track, this may provide a nice soft light all day most of the year.

I don't disdain ambient light at all. I do disdain the idea that it's there even when I don't want it.


It isn't a STUDIO facility until the light can be controlled, and that means shutting off the windows with dense curtains or blinds to keep all that uncontrolled daylight out!

As it is, it is NOT a studio, but a location that's potentialy useful for photography. That's different. And as a location, the high levels of ambient light may be useful.

On the other hand, it is a very cheap location, and may improve if the owner gets a regular income from it.

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