my photo is making the news in the world!!

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Re: my photo is making the news in the world!!

jonny1976 wrote:

for news quality is secondary. i come to euro with consuemr glass, the 18-125 the 55300 and some primes, keep my weight low and i didnt miss the best glass. i think the 18-135 is much faster and accurate focus lens than the sdm lenses.

Yes, I fully understand. However, when shooting the Ocean Race on board a zodiac, I was more than happy to have the DA* weather sealed lens, the equipment gets really wet!

probably if i shot opnly sport id buy a d4 but i prefer using only pentax.

I shoot a lot of sports now, that's my main reason to have the D4. But for this weekend, shooting from a zodiac, I will use the K-5 which I am more confident with in such conditions. Also, should the camera not survive, I prefer to break a K-5 with over 40'000 showing heavy usage rather than a pretty brand new D4 where any slightest indication for salt will be a reason to void the warranty.

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