Nikon D4 - The good and the bad

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Nikon D4 - The good and the bad

I've been using this machine for about 10 days now and have to say the results are excellent as expected.

The good

  • Ridiculously accurate flash exposure in both AA and TTL modes. When you thought D3 was already a godsend.

  • Surprisingly good AWB that actually works all the way down to about 2700K (Contrary to written specs only 3500K). This is the AWB K temp value from Lightroom so you could dispute that Nikon has another standard. To be honest canon has always been better in AWB but now the D4 has owned the 5D3 in tungsten AWB. I hope the 1DX can do better or as good.

  • Very good skintone rendition even in JPEGs. I'm asian so I like my hue set to -1 and the caucasians look great, too.

  • Distortion control and Auto D-Lighting which actually doesn't make your image look like grayish crap (etc. D700 hehe).

  • Auto Area AF and 3D Tracking has reached a next level of speed. I think they are actually very usable now... If you know what you're doing.

  • You can now set the dynamic AF area to be lit up by dots in the VF. No idea why this was excluded from D3. Incremental update.

The bad

  • AF points are too big and sometimes confuses the focusing to a contrasty false object. This problem does not happen so frequently in the 5D3 and 1DX as the AF points are inherently smaller and can be set to Spot AF. D4 and D800 got seriously owned in this aspect. However the AF of Nikon is still less prone to being affected by backlight due to superior lens contrast, 5D3 still suffers from this problem.

  • Metering seems more biased towards chosen AF point than before. Matrix mode. This might be a mis-observation... I'm still not entirely sure yet.

  • There comes a point when you're doing instant prints and realize that your printer can't read XQD without a PC and card reader. But the fact is you've got no guts to buy 3 more XQDs yet.

  • Changing dynamic AF modes has become a hassle when your left hand has to be in a weird position to depress the AF mode button. Last time we did it on the right thumb.

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