Nikon D5100 vs Canon EOS 550D Which is Better????

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Re: Because it's impolite

baloo_buc wrote:

After one year you should already know what lens you might need.

Let's say that you find yourself always wanting something longer than 55 and you shoot at 55 mm because you don't have more with the existing lens then you will need a telephoto lens (like the ones you mentioned).

You might find out that you are shooting very frequently at 18 mm and quite often you'd wished to have a wider view then you know that you need a ultrawide lens (that goes to 10 or even 8 mm).

Or you might wish to have a lens that has a wider aperture (like f/1.8) to have a greater separation between the subject and the background you could look at the fast primes like 85 mm f/1.8 (for portraits) or 35 mm f/1.8 (for a wider range of photos).

Don't buy a new lens until you know what you need. If you buy it before you'll make happy sales people and you might find that you use it very seldom or never. Fortunately the good lenses that are expensive lose very slowly the value (if in your country is a very good second hand market like in US).
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Ohhhhh ok.. Thank you so much... i finally decided to buy nikon D5100 with kit lens...

Thanks Everyone for helping me decide... and if u can suggest me some awesome lenses for future ....

Thank you so much.... Thanks everyone.... ^ ^

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