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Kim Letkeman wrote:

Yochi23 wrote:

Who's to blame for noise in pictures. The camera - Nikon D7000, the lens - sigma 150-500 and sometimes other or me?

You. The lens is irrelevant and the camera is a known quantity. Therefore, any noise you get in an image was put there by you.

And by the way, there is nothing wrong with noise in an image, as raising ISO is the one method you have of maintaining shutter speeds as the light dims. Presuming, of course, that you have set the aperture specifically for the image that you are trying to create and opened it as far as it can go.

How to avoid the noise

Examples of situations where you simply cannot avoid noise abound. When out in the evening and shooting birds, you need feather detail, which means choosing the right sensor (APS-C versus 1/2" for example) and then choosing an appropriate exposure, probably the most important of which is the ISO at which you can maintain feather detail and get a shot that is not blurred.

With the D7000, you could easily end up shooting 1600ISO or 3200ISO as the light dims, and there will be a lot of noise as you pixel peep the image. But it will retain decent detail if the shutter was fast enough.

The trick now is to use your software tools to maximize the details while mitigating the noise to the extent necessary for your presentation size. If presenting at 640 pixels on the web, you won't need to do much at all. But if presenting at poster size, you might be busy with Lightroom 4 and / or Topaz Denoise 5 etc to get a decent output.

Get comfortable with noise and make sure you nail your exposures. Avoidance will only cause a lot of blurred images as you try to minimize ISO at all times. Of course, when in studio, you shoot at base ISO and be done with it.

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Thanks Kim,

Amy trying to learn. It seems now that I can't keep on avoiding use of Photoshop...

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