Real world question: do you switch from sRGB to Adobe RGB depending on the subject?

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Re: I shoot raw and aways go with Adobe RGB in post

VadimOm wrote:

But for everybody else, what's the point of proudly shooting/editing in Adobe if all you do at the end of the day is share those shots with your friends and family via facebook?


Err... because most non pros (and pros but they have market led requirements and greater volume of shooting) want to try to have the best photo in any given situation. Whether they share via facebook or similar or keep on their computer, I, and I imagine many others, 'proudly shoot' to obtain the best image possible

It's like saying why buy a high end camera / lens if you are not needing to output at very large print sizes - not all the market blindly chase MP in cameras, most of us want to obtain the best possible image for OUR personal reasons

aRGB is similar, if you want to slightly cripple your images then where does that slide stop? I personally want every picture I take as close to perfection as possible even if it's a picture of the kids - I have plenty of 'snapshot' situations that rank as some of my best images because they captured a magical moment

By all means shoot less critically if you want, by all means shoot in lesser colour spaces - I prefer not to, and you will not convince me of your logic because you seem to be happy to reduce workflow/ space and I would try to cope with extra workflow/ space in order to maximise what little talent I have

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