GRD IV vs Fuji X100

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Re: GRD IV vs Fuji X100

As has been mentioned, the GRD and X100 are completely different cameras. One is a small sensor wide angle compact that can go in your pocket. The other is an aps-c camera with easily accessible manual control, HD movie mode and excellent image quality at all available ISO's.

I do not see the X100 as a failed product in the slightest. The fact that it has sold tens of thousands of copies and is loved by many is testament to that. Mind you, I did not buy one until the latest firmware made it a very different camera. It now focuses just as fast as the GRD III, often faster, faster than the GXR aps-c modules, and has much better high ISO than any of them.

The lens is capable of very smooth bokeh, although it is a bit soft and glowy when wide open, particularly at short distances. The shot to shot time is much faster than the GXR and certainly better than the GRD III. The files have a very wide dynamic range and are very malleable in post. I personally love how it handles and I use it just as much as my GXR and M9. I find it excellent as a street camera, a discreet carry-almost-anywhere camera, a documenter of events and as a capturer of moments.

The X100 shutter is extremely quiet, moreso than the GRD III. There is no lens extension sound, and the focusing noise is minimal.

The GRD is a different camera altogether. It goes places and shoots things that the X100 or equivalent sized cameras can't. The image quality isn't as good as that of an aps-c sensor but it is among the best of the small sensor cameras. It's easy to keep in your pocket and operate one handed, and will find focus more consistently than the X100 under certain circumstances. I have the GRD III and I understand that the GRD IV is even better in the focus department.
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