DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

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Re: DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

colinbm wrote:

There are a lot of fledglings on this forum ?

You can hear them all the time & now with a new release they will sure be chirping out loud again cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.................... rolls eyes !

A good price has its advantages - both if you want to buy the camera, but also if you wish that the camera shall be a success. $1000 is a bit high for a simple compact camera. A bit high. Its seldom a good idea to put yourself just above what people are prepared to pay.

Now - I do understand that Sigma may have high costs for making it. And I also do understand that the image quality may be stunning. So - for some its worth it. But some. no matter how much fans they are, cannot motivate the cost. And most on this planet just wants a camera.

But - you also have to understand that you can get a u43 camera for $400 with zoom lens and a Sony NEX camera with zoom lens for $600. At $1000, the DP2m is at the same kind of level as NEX7, just below. And NEX7 is so much more camera.

Personally I think the DPm cameras should sell well at $500. Then you can get a kit of both for $1000.

But, of course, if they want to be niche with low sales, by all means keep it expensive. The Leica X2 is $1500. But to compete with that camera, you have to rebadge the DP cameras with the Leica brand.

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