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Re: Royal for me (learning touch typing). ;-)

Hi Jim!

Jim Cockfield wrote:

That depends on what you learn on. I learned touch typing on an old Royal manual typewriter.

Sounds royally great! When I was a kid I could have chosen typing as an optional course at the school but chose book keeping instead... I decision I have always regretted. I think at the time they had just gotten new electric typing machines so I would not even had had the issue of balancing the finger pressure.

If you're not good enough (and consistent) with how you tap the keys, you'll end up with faded type on some letters if you didn't tap hard enough.

That's just torture I am certain.

IOW, consistency is the key if you want all type to look the same (versus some letters or numbers darker than others) if using a manual typewriter.

I think so, yes. And unless my memory fails me I think the key layout we use today was created at the time of these mechanical typewriters and was specifically chosen so as to impede the typing speed in order to prevent the mechanical machines from jamming so often.

Unfortunately, my typing skills degraded when I spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy using Teletypes, because they only had 3 rows of keys. So, to this day, I still haven't recovered my ability to use the upper row of keys as well on a normal typewriter keyboard As a result, my speed degrades some typing docs with lots of numbers and punctuation, as compared to my typing speed before I used teletypes.

Teletypes? I had to google that one up. Like this one?

Looks interesting for sure. Amazing how much this sort of technology has progressed in a short time.

But, I'm still good for over 100 wpm for most tasks, typing without ever looking at the keyboard.

That is really decent!

Heck, I can't even read many of the letters on the keyboard I'm using right this minute (just a keyboard that shipped with a Dell Computer), as the print is worn off of most of the keys on it now. But, it works just fine for how I use a keyboard (and it was free with the computer).

Now that I touch type I find the Dell at the office actually quite usable. I find the keys easier with that one than with my logitech that I replaced with this mechanical keyboard. The Logitech is "flat" and the Dell has these traditional keys just like my new Ducky. The Dell is still really stiff and has a horrible feel to typing. My colleague's Dell is way better. Different production runs perhaps.

Now, i have seen some pretty bad computer keyboards over the years, and I used to insist on a Keytronics keyboard. But, even the (included with a PC for free) Dell keyboards are good enough for my needs anymore, as most keyboards for computers have improved in feel over time.

Hey, I used to insist on Keytronics as well! I have at least one at home and one in the office. They certainly are the better ones as far as membrane keyboards go.

I am still not a fast touch typist but get better every day. Almost there with my previous caveman style and expect to beat it soon.


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