Nikon in space

Started Jun 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
James Van Artsdalen Regular Member • Posts: 319
10 bodies? Really?

zsedcft wrote:

You have got to love how many cameras they have up there.

There are (at least) 10 bodies in that picture. And some other camera took that picture...

I hope Nikon are paying for the rocket fuel! Doesn't it cost tens of thousands of dollars to send up 1KG of stuff in to space?

Fuel is the cheapest part of it. It's the standing army of people involved in launching that costs the big bucks.

Imagine how much the shelving unit that holds the cameras cost to put up there!

(it's perhaps just tie downs in a locker - no gravity mean shelves aren't much good without Velcro or whatnot)

ISS is crowded - look at that picture! Why do they need 10 bodies when it's so cramped? Launches are also constrained - they can't put much mass up per launch because of the weird ISS orbit.

I can see two or three bodies if the Bayer array is customized on some for science reasons, but 10 bodies?

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