Thinking about buying a 200-400 VR II

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Re: The best advice I can give...Rent, Don't Buy...

I purchased a 400 f/2.8 on ebay a few years ago for $6,700.00. I was so excited to get it as I told my self that I was really going to shoot birds, wildlife, auto races, air shows, etc.

Well, it stayed in it's case for months on end, and I used it about 10 times. I sold it about 6 months ago and took about a $2,000 hit on it.

My advice to you is, think about what you will need it for, is it really worth it? For me it turned out not to be. I went to an airshow a month ago, and I did not have my 400mm anymore, I had a 70-200. So, I decided to rent a 200-400 from LensPro2Go. I had it for 4 Days for $285.00. That was a great experience.

I have decided the longest glass I will probably have from now on is my 70-200 and if I need anything else I will simply rent. It's far cheaper and for the photography I do, definately not worth owning heavy glass. You may be in a different boat but look at renting before dropping $5-6K on some glass. You will have ton's of cash left over and probably be a little happier as well.

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