New X10 onAndy Warhol

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Re: New X10 onAndy Warhol

I just went out to my building terrace -with my tripod- and shot some images with my EOS 5DMk2 and a prime 50mm f/1.8 and the X10 set at 50mm and both cameras on manual and same aperture, f-stop , and ISO at 250 (not the lowest for the X10, but low enough and a popular speed)

I shot some images of the Freedom Tower that can be seen from my building at the Village, and the X10 is not so bad with the small lights all the way in to the distance.

Then I shot some images of the street below (University PL) and ... I have to review the images -and post some here-, but the first impression is that the D5M2 does have some examples of what may be considered as orb, and there is some orbitis in the X10, it is not at a level where I would worry about.

I shot a shiny motorcycle at mid day, the front of a Chevy, even neo signs and can't see the problem. I saw it first today with the low ISO and a night urban landscape photo.

So, I did find the problem after trying hard. I have to admit that I am not so terribly worried about it. ...

The important thing is not to stop questioning---Albert Einstein.

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