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Mihai Muntean
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Sony Impressions/pics/opinion on forum

Hi everyone,

I have been a Sony shooter for over 4 years now. As most of you do, I read the threads on this forum on a daily basis. At first I had gotten a sony a100, i went on to exchange it with the a300 because of the tilting screen after attending the celine dion concert on the "plains of Abraham" on Quebec's city 400th anniversary. I could not see what i was shooting overhead and needless to say that, not only were my pictures shaken( due to technical inexperience) but they were also horribly framed. After I got the a300, I was very satisfied with that camera. The first lens I bought for it was the 70-300 Sigma APO DG. I obtained some very good results with that combination. I didn't have an in-depth knowledge of photography back then, guiding my shots through a somewhat good artistic eye and overall feeling of the shot. Got my first real tripod back then off this website called , it was an opus with a ball head and stated was made out of carbon with adjustable legs, paid around 120$ for it. My friends had a lot more expensive nikons and canons and it was somewhat of a personal pride to take better pictures than them because my camera was a lower end one.

I initially picked Sony because it was the cheapest entry level DSLR and their reputation in the electronics world was indisputable. It had nothing to do with anything else.

Then i started "opening my eyes" and realized that, we , the sony shooters , were a minority. I started taking pride in that as if to prove everyone else that I can take just as good if not better pictures and that megapixels and specs were nothing in front of a naked frame and a shutter button. This was true when comparing shots with my friends.

In paralel I started reading through photography, arts, creativity books like they were my everyday water. I was hungry to know about framing, balance in a picture, lighting, ISO, contrast, Hi-key, Lo-key, soft vs rough. Yes I got caught up in the technical aspects of it for a while, but not too long.

Enough to make me get a A850. The joy I had opening that box is unexaplainable to this day. Almost as big as looking through that viewfinder for the first time. It's a mathematical and optical fascination that most of you understand. Started getting the beercan and a couple of minolta primes. All these lenses I got them from a very passionate photographer that almost didn't let me leave his home without showing me his awards and his framed pictures from all around the house. That was very motivating.

Given my Romanian background, I since started collaborating with a Romanian newspaper here in Montreal. I somehow became a photographer, they gave me a press pass and started covering all sorts of events. Started getting called for the usual baptisms and weddings and the odd party here and there. I now have my column in that newspaper where I teach people the basics to taking good photographs.

All that to say that all of you should not forget the reason why you started down this road: it was a passion, an inexplicable interest in the optics behind the lens and a desire to capture a moment of the world around us. I have never looked into my camera to see if it back focuses, even my newer A65. I had to google the term, the first time I read it since I didn't understand what I was supposed to see in those 30+ shots of three batteries placed side by side... Super crops of our 24Mp sensors are futile in my opinion who cares if we can read the street name in the left corner of a shot, cropped at 100%. Pictures are either about portraying a setting or a feeling. Yes I agree that high ISO performance can be an important asset but even then, motion blur can be nice or waiting for the proper lighting moment to occur can feel even more rewarding. Google "the most expensive picture sold at auction" you will flip when you see the simplicity of that shot.

I agree that a 2000$ lens can make a difference compared to a 300$ lens. Does it mean you need a 2000$ lens to be able to take breathtaking pictures? not really. Instead of arguing about sensor vibrations and stabilization systems from different brands... take that time to set up a nice picture.

I just think there's too many people that get lost in the semantics of photography such as whos better nikon or sony, high iso, cropping, sonys flash system...

Share your pictures through the mean of your choice (mine is the newspaper), spend more time creating than critiquing....

This post is all about encouraging picture taking, nothing else

Enjoy your cameras all!

one of my first pictures taken with the a300 and the sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro

Here are a couple of my latest shots

taken with the minolta 70-210 f4

Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro

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