12-35 2.8. Thinking about cancelling my pre-order

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Re: 12-35 2.8. Thinking about cancelling my pre-order

'sigh' indeed....

Been with 4/3 for years but DOF control is always going to be a problem. Recently shooting my brother's wedding and it was cheaper to buy a second hand 5D and a Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 than the panasonic. In fact when I don't mind carrying it about, I use it with a VERY cheap 28-200 (f4-5.6) which would be the same DOF as a 14-100mm (f2.0-f2.8) on a m4/3! Of course for low light I use the Pana 20mm: bright and (relative) deep DOF mean I can get both my son's ears in focus as the same time. Love my EPL2, but if you WANT small DOF it might be worth a dedicated body/lens for it?

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