Fotodiox 14-24mm Filter Holder test

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Re: Fotodiox 14-24mm Filter Holder test

I just purchased the Fotodiox holder and C-POL kit for my new Nikon 14-24mm lens.

It turns out that the filters vignette when you have the lens set to 14mm and you focus at approximately 1 meter or less. Apparently, they didn't test for this. According to the user manual for the Nikon 14-24mm lens:

"Due to the optical characteristics of this lens, as the lens is focused closer, the focal length slightly decreases."

Therefore, at 14mm and focusing closer than 1 meter, the lens is really at a slightly smaller focal length, revealing a wider field of view and the filter!

Regarding your focusing system, I cannot see how it would in any way interfere with your focus mechanism. It doesn't touch anything and the tighening of the threads is forward/backward, it does not tighten into the barrel or constrict the lens. Mine works fine.

Also, to make things screw on easier, which is always tricky to get the thread seated in the field, I did the following:

  • Marked a line of silver paint with a paint pen at the top of the filter holder (once tightened down)

  • Started to screw in the filter until the threads seated properly with the holder.

  • At this perfect point where the threads begin to fit and holding the filter steady, I painted a line on the filter that aligns with the marked line that I just painted on the holder.

All you need to do now is line up the marks and turn with ease because the threads are now seated properly.

I did the same thing with the filter and metal cap.

Good luck!

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