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Re: itunes usage

Since iCloud and Spotify premium this is what I do as a Mac and iOS user.

MUSIC: I still have my iTunes library in iCloud. I don't buy music anymore at all and all CD's I've ever owned are now in my library. I used Spotify for 99% of my music needs now.

MOVIES: I have a large (> 400) movie library. They all are managed from within iTunes and are viewed via AppleTV's or iOS devices via streaming. Netflix has largely replaced any digital copies of movie media I own except for movies I know my kids will watch hundreds of times (ex. Toy Story, Cars, etc.)

APPLE TV: streams everything I have listed above except Spotify, but then I can just use it via AirPlay to the ATV.

So, in reality, I don't actually use iTunes directly, but I do use it as a streaming source fr Apple TV and other devices.
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