New X100 from Amazon : No SAB

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Re: New X100 from Amazon : No SAB

Congratulations on your new camera. Yes, X100 sure is fun. What is your serial number if you don't mind?

Mine (serial no. 12AXXXXX) developed SAB. It was working fine for the first 6 months. Then all of the sudden, overexposure all over the place unless I use F2. Still don't understand why, I thought the camera steps down aperture, then measure, then fire the shutter. If the camera fails to step down properly, then it would choose high speed because it would measure more light. Oh, well, I just wish mine get fixed by Fujifilm and the SAB never comes back again. I would like to know has anybody experience SAB again after a fix. Thanks.

The Developer wrote:

So, after a lot of haggle with the seller I could return my used X100 and today I took delivery of a brand spanking new X100. No SAB. Whoa - the exposure is spot on. Now I realize how bad the SAB issue was in the old one. I am suprized at how good the meter in X100 actually is....

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