panasonic G 300mm alternative lens?

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Re: panasonic G 300mm alternative lens?

im realy considering having a DSLR but will i get fed up of all the weight?

the amount of times i really need 300mm or a lovely 400mm lens dosent justify spending all that money, but i bet the results are fantastic.

im just wondering how much better i can do with 300mm instead of 200mm if i stay with M4/3s?

Heritage Cameras wrote:

The only other Micro Four Thirds zoom lens that goes up to 300mm is the Olympus 75-300mm, but that's even more expensive than the Panasonic... The Olympus Zuiko Digital 70-300mm ED for the Four Thirds DSLRs is cheaper (and can probably be found much cheaper used), but by the time you've added the required adapter the saving isn't very large. If you're using it on a Panasonic it also doesn't have image stabilisation, and may not auto focus on the earliest models.

The only option that's much less expensive is a manual lens with an adapter, and there are many options at much lower cost than the Panasonic 100-300mm. For example, a Nikkor 75-300mm ED will probably cost less than half as much, and inexpensive adapters are widely available:

Of course, you'll need to use manual focusing, with manual diaphragm in manual or aperture priority auto exposure modes. The lens is also much larger and heavier than Micro Four Thirds types.
Dave, HCL

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