Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

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Canon FDn Mount Operation

dippyrebel wrote:

Thanks to all for the advice.

I put it away yesterday and came back to it just now and did some jiggling, more out of hope than anything else, and have somehow released the lens from the mount. So I'm pleased about that.

Now I just need to work out how to change aperture... (the ring turns but the aperture remains the same).

(And hope that when I mount it again I can subsequently release it!)

Perhaps a basic understanding of how the FDn mount works will help you.

You can't fiddle with the lens aperture when the lens is unmounted. The aperture ring will turn and the stop-down lever (big lever on rear of lens) will move but the blades don't move. The blades are usually in an intermediate position.

The FDn (and FD) mount lens have a small pin that extends rearward when the aperture ring is set to the "A" position. Don't try to forcibly mount the lens with the aperture ring in the A position if the mating piece doesn't have a clearance notch about 5 mm down on the left hand flange.

Align the lens red dot with the central slot in the adapter top flange and twist the lens body CW about 30 deg until the chrome button on the lens pops out with a click , about 2 mm. The aperture blades will fully open. Moving the stop-down lever to the right will now close the blades to the setting on the aperture ring. The adapter stop-down mechanism should therefore be to the left of this lever on the lens. If the aperture ring is on A moving the stop-down lever has no effect on the blades, they remain fully open. You should do this with the adapter off your NEX, looking in from the rear.

To unmount the FDn lens you press in the chrome release and twist the lens body CCW. On some 3rd party equipment the effort to twist the lens can be rather high.

Having shot Canon manual focus since the late 1960s (TX, FT, FTb, AT1, A1, T60, and T90s-still have 9 of them) until I went digital a few years ago I can say I never had any mount problems with Canon FL, FD and FDn lenses.

Hope this helps. John

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