Successfully using a Manfrotto product table?

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Peter Berressem wrote:

Perspex and acrylglass are just trade names for PMMA. A very brittle material, breaks when you bend it at room temperature (unless in film thicknesses). Read up also on "bending and shaping plexiglass".

According to Wikipedia "PMMA.. behaves in a brittle manner when loaded , especially under an impact force." They also use it for protection at Ice Hockey rinks.. some is bullet proof.. some they use instead of glass in police vehicles. Just how much force do you need? Could I break my backgrounds into pieces - sure! Not ever done so yet.

Maybe you should inform Manfrotto that their Plexiglass doesn't bend?

Look at the picture.. the description is "Still Life Table w/White Translucent Plexiglass ".... Material: Perspex . It is bent and held in place under load with clips

Plexiglass/Perspex/PMMA/Acrylic - whatever !!

I have the original Manfrotto plexiglass which clearly bends, (has been doing so for 20 years) Gloss one side, Matt the other, it rolls back on itself and doesn't need heat to form it. Every sheet of perspex I've ever bought bends to curves, so too does Formica. Since my father was a cabinet maker I've had lots of hands-on experience with bending and rolling - Formica in particular. Even metallics.

Next time I'm bending and curving my Plexiglass, Perspex and Formica, I'll remember that it doesn't do it, and think of a more complicated way to do the simplest of tasks instead.


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