Any film shooters out there?

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Re: Any film shooters out there?

I bought an F100 a few months ago and it's really become my preferred camera to shoot with. Part of that is because I find it more comfortable than the D700. It's thinner front-to-back and far lighter. There's also less to worry about. If it's daylight, pack the 100-speed. If you're not sure, pack the 400.

There's also something refreshing about the simplicity involved. You go out, shoot, drop off your film, and pick up your negatives and prints an hour later. That's all there is to it. And looking through a stack of 4x6s is a lot more satisfying to me than clicking through photos on a computer.

The biggest downside to me is getting the photos on the computer if I want to share them online. Getting a photo CD from Target/CVS/RiteAid is cheap, but you get useless-sized scans. I'm still looking for somewhere local that I can get one-hour developing with a good CD of scans. Scanning them all myself is just misery!

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