Advise for a compact camera

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Re: Advise for a compact camera

PaulRivers wrote:

The cheapest camera I know of with manual controls and good low light performance is either -
1. The Nikon p310 - $280
2. Or a refurbished Canon s95 (not sure on price)

There are other cameras with manual controls, but their low light performance won't be as good. There's 2 factors to low light performance -
1. Sensor performance, reflected in high iso comparisons
2. Lens speed

These compacts have the best lens and sensor for low light (well - that you can get on an affordable compact in your price range).

I was considering buying a P31O to replace my (stolen) P300, but was after reading some of the comments followng the recent DP review of the P310.... I can't figure the logic behind comparing the camera with others that cost a lot more.

Can you therefore confirm that if RAW is not an issue, but shooting with low light and having manual controls IS, that in the price bracket of the P310 there are no alternatives (apart from refurbished units)?

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