The 1DX does EURO 2012

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Re: not much else doing 2012

Dan_168 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Anyway Canon EOS AF is always faster than Nikon stone-aged screw-driven AF, especially in the critical initial lock and now Canon's new 61-pt AF is also better in tracking and even faster burst rate.

Perhaps you are not aware of we are no longer at the stone age? I shoot with both canon 1DS/1D line and a D3 myself too. Regarding the initial locking, I suggest you try the D4 or even the D800E if you haven't done so, you may be have a different opinion. my own D800E is coming soon but i have shot with a D800 many many time so I am speaking from personal experience, not internet forum report. But I do understand this is in the Canon 1D forum,

The nice thing is that Nikon users can use those old lenses if they like. I agree. I used to own and use a 1Ds and 1Ds2. The AF was very good. Based on tge testing I ran with the 5D3, I could find no real world difference in AF between it and my D800.

I too am always more interested in real world use and real world output to opposed to some of these internet forym experts with little real experience sitting in front of a monitor trying to see differences at 300% while anal-izing a DxO chart.

I've been doing this professionaly for more than two decades and completely agree with you!

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