Anybody compared 28mm 1.4 AFD and 28mm 1.8 AFS...

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Marc S
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Re: Anybody compared 28mm 1.4 AFD and 28mm 1.8 AFS...

I haven't had the opportunity to lay my hands on the AF-S 28/1.8G or a D800 yet. Even if I don't expect to abandon the 28/1.4D for a 28/1.8G I'm also quite curious how they compare. As far as the Photozone test of the 28/1.4D goes I don't quite agree with their finding about the nervous bokeh of the 28/1.4D. Their test images support their claim but since mine behaves better with my D300 and D700 it may be some sample variation and/or differnt camera. Or Nikon simply made a very good job calibrating my sample when they rebuild it two years ago (thats what I like to think). But frankly there was not much difference before and after repair.

Even if my 28/1.4D isn't quite as good as my AF-S 35/1.4G in sharpness wide open or smooth bokeh both improve (like most fast primes) with every 1/3 stop stopping down:

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