Anyone else getting bad copies of 24-105L with kit cameras?

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Anyone else getting bad copies of 24-105L with kit cameras?

Hey Folks, wondering if you can help me determine if there is a general problem with some recent copies of the Canon 24-105 F4L lens. Here's some background.

I own a 5D with 24-105 lens. I purchased a new 5DMKIII with new 24-105 lens. Upon receipt I noticed that under some conditions the image stabilizer on the new lens seemed to make the pictures more blurry, not less blurry. The problem tracked with the new lens when used on both the 5D and 5D MKIII bodies. The old lens worked well on both bodies.

I figured I got a bad copy & sent both the new body / lens back for an exchange. However, when I got the second 5D MKIII body and second 24-105 lens it did the exact same thing. Again the old lens works fine on both bodies, and new lens is blurry on both bodies. Looks like there is a bad batch to me.

In all cases I tested the lens at handheld, with image stabilizer on and off. To hold the camera I slouched back in my couch, braced my arms against the armrest and my body, and took pictures of the cable TV box across the room. I shot at 1/5 of a second @ 105mm focal length to exacerbate the effect (it happens at other shutter speeds and focal lengths, too). It only happens when IS is ON and when shooting at F stops other than wide open (F4.5 and smaller). I get an image that is always blurred. The image is always blurred diagonally in the same direction, from upper left to bottom right (landscape orientation). If you look closely at the LED lights from the cable box you can see the image is blurred in stepwise movement, a series of 12 equal segments, something that couldn’t possible be done with a human hand.

If I open the aperture to F4.0 (same shutter speed) the problem goes away. If I use mirror lockup it seems to go away, too.

I am wondering if there is some issue with a batch of lenses. You may want to check your copy. If any of you have a new version of a 24-105 can you try taking some pictures at slow shutter speeds with the IS on & off and let me know if you can duplicate this? Shooting at something like the cable box seems to make it easier to see the problem. Please post lens SN range if you test and respond.

If it helps the SN for my old lens is 819XXX, and the SN for the new lens is 4220XXX. Gallery pics posted, old & new lens with IS on & off + (see file names). For what it is worth I also tested these other lenses on the 5D MKIII, with no problems showing: 100 F2.8 IS L, 70-200 F2.78 IS L, 100-400 IS L, and 28-135 IS.

Many thanks for your help!


Canon EOS 5D
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