Successfully using a Manfrotto product table?

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acryl/perspex vs. PE /PP

Barrie Davis wrote:

But Perspex acrylic sheet cannot be bent without heating, forming up around a jig, and then allowing to cool....[??]

Perspex bends easily. You will note that the Manfrotto table comes with a 'Plexiglass' surface which bends or curves in two places.

I cannot understand you. I have never encountered Perspex that can bend, least of bend easily all into the relatively tight curves of a Manfrotto table. It is too brittle, even the thinnest gauges wouldn't do it. I do not know which plastic material you have that is sufficiently flexible, but it must be something different to acrylic sheet, which is notable for breaking if stressed too much.

Bending Perspex needs heat. The new shape is permanent until it gets hot again.

That's it. The sheets used in the original (Manfrotto / Foba) tables back until the late 90th were made from perspex (read: thermoplastic acryl). For some reason - cost? storage and transportation? - manufacturers switched to using either polyethelene or -propylene sheets. Those are easily bendable while acryl needs hot air or water for reshaping.

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cheers, Peter

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