OM-D Low ISO Noise?

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Re: OM-D Low ISO Noise?

These are compression artifacts from Olympus jpegs AFAIK.

I went to a store to try out the E-M5, shot jpegs and found these artifacts all over the place:-( They are very visible in darker areas - but can be found in lighter areas too upon closer inspection. Especially, the OOF areas are full of these:-(

Try looking at Camera Labs' macro picture of a snail in its original size ("best quality 16 Megapixel resolution and Fine quality compression")

I have looked at several RAW files as well without finding these ...

I would NEVER shoot jpegs with the E-M5 and frankly do NOT understand the rave reviews regarding jpeg quality but YMMV ...

Detail Man wrote:

azazel1024 wrote:

Looking at the pictures, out of camera JPEG undersexposed somewhat does not equal clean low ISO noise still. RAW processed images are a lot cleaner as well as shooting them closer to properly exposed.

As for users claiming they are able to massively underexpose and pull up by several EV, yeah, we can, but the shadows are not 100% clean still, lack somewhat in contrast AND that is only shooting RAW. It doesn't look very good doing that with JPEGs.

Honestly, it would seem (to me) that with the reputably "stellar" reputation that Olympus has for it's JPG engines ("the color", etc.), an allegedly "stellar" image-sensor that some claim beats the GH2's image-sensor by as much as 1.0 EV where it comes to Dynamic Range, and a camera body cost around (or in excess of ) $1,000 USD, that such marginal performance would be an outrage !

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