Nikon D5100 vs Canon EOS 550D Which is Better????

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Syaoran Li
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Re: Neither

Thanks for replying....

Actually im new into this photography world and i want to grow in it.. cuz i love taking photos... and obviously i will be considering lenses and i was going to ask abt the lenses in a new thread after clearing my doubts abt the camera body first.

well i tried out both cameras.. and both r fine for me to use... and since im beginning this photography thing i just dont know how much the spec sheet afftects the quality of the photo... and i dont know whether either of them have and pro or cons... i just know tat they r almost equal in spec wise and price wise... so i wanted to ask u professionals which one to buy cuz u might have used them and know more abt camera than i do.....

and these two models r the ones i can afford right now... and as i improve my skils in photography i would buy any other higher range models.. so it would be nice if u could suggest me which one to buy of these two....???

and abt lenses too u can suggest me any good affordable ones.....

well i would like to take photos of everything like scenery, indoor, low light, outdoor, normal lighting etc....

Thanks... ^ ^

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