Cheap light and a three day growth with the FA31 Limited

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Re: SMcGuire45

As a tungsten filter was used on the key light some of the cooler BG lighting was pushed towards the blue spectrum. I custom white balanced the image to be a little on the warm side which shows on the subject but not on the BG.

The RAW was processed in Lightroom with a little fill and level adjustments.

Final processing was done in Photoshop using Nik Software's Viveza 2 plugin.

As the eye sockets were fairly shaded I used some control points to lift the levels around the eyes. A little saturation and structure tweaking with some mild sharpening to finish.

Portraiture commonly uses selective focus to separate the subject from the background.

However if you also use both light and colour as well as sharpness to separate the subject and BG then the subject will appear to have more 'pop' than just focus alone.

A warmly lit, in focus subject against a much darker, cooler (bluer) out of focus background is really the 'effect' you are seeing if you can call it that.

SMcGuire45 wrote:

Holy smokes...that is one of the sharpest, nicest looking pictures I've seen! Out of curiosity did you do any post processing?

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