It's REAL clear to me now.

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Re: It's REAL clear to me now.

OH MAN, what would we ever do if we only were able to shoot 4.5 FPS and no more... Oh wait, the D1 was that slow. I wonder how people took pictures of sporting events 10 years ago...

I call BS. You make the most of what you are using.

Event_shooter wrote:

I took the D4 and the D800E out yesterday to shoot some wind surfing. I put both on CH, and fired both.

Yes I left the D800 on full rez, large Raw/fine, as with the D4.

Yes, we all know the D800E is NOT a sports shooter camera, but until you actually hold them, use them in a real life situation it doesn't really drive it home.

In my opinion there is no way you can shoot a sport event with the D800E. OH SURE I get the part of being a super photographer and hitting the button at the precise moment you can shoot side by side with a D4 - NO you can't.

There really, really are images that happen with subtle differences when shooting at 10-12 shots or 3-4 shots.

Then there is a "work" part. with the D4 vs the D800E. With the D4, you just point in the "direction" of the shot and hold the shutter down and you are guaranteed the shot - hands down, no missed shot. The D800E you need to pay attention, concentrate, anticipate, etc. etc. You know, the things every photographer needs to know and do.

Bottom line if you make a living shooting fast paced the D800E is not for you. If you want AMAZING resolution the D4 is not for you.

These things we've know since the two cameras were announced, but driven home in spades to me yesterday.

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