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Re: It's all ball bearings these days

Brivers wrote:

I haven't weighed in on a forum discussion in a number of years, having cut my teeth with the early digicams (Minolta D7hi and others) back before the first real DSLR's starting coming to market. It's always interesting to see the discussions with regard to what camera serves what purpose best. I can say having shot with a D70, D300(currently own), D3, varying pro glass primes and zooms, having the FPS to fall back on is a nice insurance policy when shooting fast moving subjects, multiple, and varying light.

But I'm in a quandary with this latest offering in the D800 and D4. I'm not a pro meaning I do not derive my primary income from photography, but I do work with schools, families, friends, etc much of which is sports related and also some portrait work. I continually review the work of pros, many of whom I have to chuckle at their ability to command the tools they wield.

I just can't justify the expense of the D4 when there is no doubt it'd do the "trick" in everything I do currently (no pop up flash for commanding 3+ flashes would sting me though). The D800 with max 4fps (but dropping back to a DX mode and getting 7 is doable) would be fine for most people.

If I've learned anything over the years, it's to continue refining basic photography skills regardless of the tool being used. Use a monopod almost 100% of the time if not on a tripod. I cleaned up my act considerably doing just that. Next, quit mowing down the field with 50 shots of one action sequence. Use short bursts, anticipate the shots, and even with slower FPS (eg. 5-6) you can get the shots you need. I used to scrutinize thousands of photos of one event where I just held the shutter down "hoping" to get a shot. Applying basic rules of anticipation will get you the shots you want with lots less headache on the backend. Not saying having 11fps is overkill, it'd definitely be the ticket if I could pull a shot that gets the payday..and that's the difference for most I think. I really don't crop much anymore, again, applying basic photography skills and framing appropriately. I didn't grow up on film, but I do study the technology of DSLR's and love to see the new's now time for the next upgrade

Thanks for sharing your experience. Very much appreciated.
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