Latest NX rumour: 45mm pancake instead of 55mm

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Re: Latest NX rumour: 45mm pancake instead of 55mm

Thomas Wieser wrote:

I would have prefered to have a 55mm lens instead a 45mm lens but if it is necessary to keep it small than it is fine for me. I hope the filter diameter is the same as with the other pancakes. Now I want a small 90mm telephoto lens, 2.8 or 3.5 would be enough but keep it small.

I hope they will at last release the 45mm soon. I expected to have it for my next holiday but.......


From the beginning I thought the 60mm macro serves two purposes, portrait tele and shortish macro and found the 55mm pancake, if it would be released, to be too close. Now we know we don't have that tough decision to make which one to choose and end up buying both. Good move from Samsung from customer point of view, but not from business point of view.

But, I find the focal length of 45mm very useless. Me, I won't buy it, most probably. I would prefer even a faster 30mm or even 28mm small (read: pancakeish) prime lens instead of the 45mm. But that is just me. In Pentax world I never understood the interest with the 40mm DA and the FA equivalent. Too tight crop for everyday use and too short for any telephoto purposes (read: portraiture, unless you want those environmental portaits), they were available, so they were wanted. But their purpose was always unknown for me. Yeah, you had small pancake, but what to shoot with it?

My first thought after seeing the news about 45mm was, "what, is Samsung really going to make FF sensor sized camera and this is the lens for it (being nearly equal with the 30mm lens)". But, wrong conclusion I guess. 45mm, odd. Really odd.

Please Samsung. Make someting different. Offer us a small telephoto prime, like Thomas said, something around 90-150mm (I would prefer 125mm) with not so wide aperture, as small as possible. But that just might be me wanting such?

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