Why you shouldn't use a SD card in the Canon 5dm3

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Re: Why you shouldn't use a SD card in the Canon 5dm3

Yes, if you need speed, CF..

That is why the 1Dx has dual CF..

kelpdiver wrote:

tmr wrote:

Sperho wrote:

The article is misleading.

That is a very favorable characterization. The article is actually flat out incorrect saying that the 5d3 write speed defaults to the slower card if a sd card is in the slot. Obviously the tester didn't fully validate his conclusion. It isn't a surprise at all that the 5d3 will be limited to the slower speed when writing to two cards. Thus the tester provided no useful information at all.

He may have only tested with simultaneous writing (either duplicate or the popular CF-RAW + SD-JPG). This is a much more plausible scenario than the spillover one. People want a second copy in case they get hit with a bad bit that destroys the image.

TMR - I would have hope that if the SD card is writing 1/3rd the data (JPG) as the CF (RAW) that it could keep up. But it hasn't been the case in my less than scientific testing. The last time it mattered, the bursts were so small I wished I brought my 7d instead.

If it does end up that this problem exists, but only in simultaneous writes, I'll be ok. When speed doesn't matter, I'll do the dual. When it does, I'll go CF only.

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