Best landscape lens for K-5

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Pentax_Prime wrote:

Hi Thomas

Hi Andy,

I don't know if I've seen these three shots before, but those three are some real portfolio material - definitely 1 or 2 a year kind of landscapes, just stunning. I really enjoy the work you do with the 21 and 43; they are both such unique lenses and when someone has the eye, and scenic opportunity, and puts them to use - they do some really incredible things. I feel this way about the 24 and 43 in many situations; they are so versatile and it's almost like an experiment seeing how they will render certain events/people/places/colors/compositions/etc.

2 and 3 have been posted here before and both are among my all time favourite images, thus I appreciate you liking them and represents two locations I feel very closely connected to, the deserts of Utah and the arctic desert of northeastern Greenland.

4 I may or may not have posted, it is an image from the D3 and nikkor 70-200 VRI.
Again an image I like a lot personally.

yep the FA*24 is surely a unique piece of glass and your work with it excellent.

Thanks for commenting Andy and good to see you around here.

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