So.. who's getting the 12-35 or 75mm?

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Re: So.. who's getting the 12-35 or 75mm?

As I wrote in another thread (sorry if you're reading this twice, but you can kindly skip), I preordered the 75 within minutes of availability. For events and portraits, I'd like more reach for my OMD than my current lineup (12, 20, 45), and I value speed, low-light capability, and IQ more than convenience. The 75mm (though maybe a little long for portraits) is tempting indeed, particularly given all the early raves about IQ.

I canceled my preorder, however. Having used my Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II lately, I've noticed how the focal range of the zoom has come in handy and gets a lot of use during events and occasions when I do need reach, especially when I don't have the luxury of moving around. And its image quality is fantastic, so there's little compromise over image quality.

Thus, I'm going to wait and see whether the Panny 35-100 will deliver high image quality, at least on par with the just released 12-35. If so, I think I will be better served in sacrificing some speed and bokeh for convenience and flexibility..

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