K-30 gallery from PopPhoto article

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Re: K-30 gallery from PopPhoto article

The K30 should have better dynamic range and hopefully more accurate auto focus.

In short, I agree with you that the ist d or k100 d create more than adequate images. But I wouldn't object to increased dynamic range, faster AF and frame rate.

Funny, I have ist DL, k100d, k10d, k20d k-r. First two is given to relatives, seems forever, last one I bought for wife).

So, I use k10d and k20d. In my nummeration nicely fits k30d

With hopes for better AF, Better high ISO performance anfd better 77 segment metering with flashes (I have a lot of PTTL falshes, if one flash gets into picture, it ruins metering - more sensors is needed).

Video, weathersealing - I don't care much about these marketing things.

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