Is this a studio?

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Re: Is this a studio?

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

No, I do NOT want to use it. I was curious if anyone else thought it might be useful as a studio to them to see if I was missing something. Again, no partitions, no props, sets, minimal lighting, all glass front wall. Would you find it useful as a studio? Honestly, it just looks like a vacant strip mall office.

Maybe I'm just missing its potential.

drh681 wrote:

Are you asking because you want to use it?
Or because you think it is not adequate?
the prices seem to be good from where I am. (SoCal)
Especially if it includes access to that roof top pool/deck area.

I suppose that if she makes enough money a cove and lighting rail system will show up sometime.

Well it is a "store front".
But it seems to work for her style of shooting.
Like I said, I would atleast install a coved floor or even a corner cyclorama.
and the "ambient" light you disdain is a source and quality all its own.

depending on the window's orientation to the sun's track, this may provide a nice soft light all day most of the year.

I don't know if I'd like to have my clients "on display" as we work; but I could always set the drop with the back to the window.

So yeah, I think you are overlooking some ideas for working in such a space.(including that roof deck!)

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