Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: Can someone explain...

RichDesign wrote:

Have you used the 70-210 beercan? I wonder how it compares to the 100-300 APO. I've been thinking getting a beercan, but you make me think again. Looks like the APO is more money though.

I have used the beercan, but in my opinion my 100-300mm APO(D) is worlds better in every way. It does cost more, but is still an absolute bargain, considering its outstanding IQ. I think I paid $300 for mine a couple of years ago, in pristine condition. I have been watching Ebay over the past week or so to see what they are going for now; oddly, I have only found one APO(D), and the seller was wanting $450 for it. I thought there would be more of them kicking around.


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