Small camera, really good IQ?

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Re: Small camera, really good IQ?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Hi fellow Pentaxians.

In the Open Talk forum there are some questions and advices regarding buying cameras. But as far as I can see - the answers are uninteresting. Maybe not so many that reads it, so ... Ill ask here .. where I know people.

I have several cameras, among those I almost always use K-5 or G10. The K-5 takes fantastic images and feels so good to use. The G10 is perfect size. Not big and clumsy and not small and fiddly.

I am going to make a journey, to China. And it is lots of travelling and lots of places to visit and lots of walking. A camera like G10 seems to be perfect, but ... I really want something with better IQ - something with a larger (or better) sensor.

The Olympus EM-5 is the perfect travel camera. Small, yet has a sensor which comes very very close to the K5 in IQ. It is light, yet has good durability with it's metal body and weather sealing. Plus it has an IBIS which is more efficient than even the best OIS systems and a pretty complete stable of native lenses. That is the camera I would chose with the 12-50mm kit and perhaps one or two primes.

Those are my alternatives right now.

Canon G1X - nearly APS-C sensor. Slightly bigger than G10, but still possible to have hanging around your neck all day. One thing - from DPReview review is that it is slow to focus - just as G10 is slow to focus. I can live with G10, but do I want to buy a camera 2012 that is slow to focus? Hmmmmm...

Canon came close on this one, but decided to cripple it with horrible AF and a terrible viewfinder. You can do better.

Sony NEX7 (or maybe NEX 5) - APS-C sensor. Can take my Pentax lenses with an adapter. Lightning fast focus (how do they do that?). 24 MP. Yada. Yada. But --- more expensive and also rather clumsy with the zoom.

The NEX7 does not have IS and is not weather-sealed. The IQ is not significantly better than the EM-5, except at low ISO. The lack of native lenses and high cost mar this otherwise good camera.

K01 - hmmmm ... it IS smaller - but not by much. And it is lighter - but not by much. Hmmm ... how I wished Pentax had made it lighter and slimmer. They could - and still make it K compatible.

I'd say no on this one too, no viewfinder, or weather-sealing.

Some Nikon 1 (J1 or V1) camera. That has an 1" sensor. Its a compromise between the G10 and APS-C in sensor size. But .. its smaller than FourThirds. Hmmm ... I wonder how good it is? And it can take my Pentax lenses - but I dont know if that is interesting with the small sensor.

Yuk! As good an autofocus system as Nikon gave it, it's user interface is cumbersome by the fact that you will need to dive into the menus for most everything (ie. changing ISO). Nikon crippled this camera here so that the camera enthusiast would not be interested. Bad move as they had to lower the prices very quickly.

The new Sony RX100. Very small camera. Still an 1" sensor. It is not out yet --- but looks sweet - hopefully.

That looks like a possibility! Wait for reviews, however.

There will (maybe) be some new cameras from Sigma, DP1m and DP2m with higher resolution APS-C sensor. But ... they will probably not be out before I go.

You are probably right here.

The FourThirds (micro or not) I have omitted from my choice. I see no advantage really over NEX APS-C.

I don't agree at all. I think the EM-5 is a better camera than any of your other choices. See my earlier comments.

The other choice would be to take your K5 with 3 primes.

Enjoy your trip!

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