Should I hire 17-55 f2.8IS?

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mmullen wrote:

jumpingjack wrote:

Thank you. I know my subjects will be fine with flash and I could also increase the ISO to compensate for the one stop loss from f4 to f2.8. I just thought that with the loss of the stop AND the 7mm loss from 17-24 I might be better off with the 17-55.

If you do rent the 17-55mm f/2.8 IS, get it early and take some photos in a similar situation. You might be surprised how well photos of people come out using a really slow shutter speed. I use down to 1/25 with good results depending upon the activity level of your subjects.

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Mike Mullen

You have to be a bit careful in my experience mixing slow shutter speeds and flash. What tends to happen is that you get a double exposure of the crisp flash image with a slightly blurred and usually differently color-balanced image from the ambient light that can result in unpleasant looking photos. I shoot a lot of street protests that can run into the evening hours and this can be a problem. If the subject is close and gets a nice flash blast it will dominate, but if they are a bit farther away you can get this unfortunate mixing. I would keep shutter speeds up around 1/100 if you can to minimize motion blur (more important than lens shake at short focal lengths, unless your subjects are holding still and posing for you). I would go for at least 400 ISO (I think 800 would be fine too) for the flash shots and don't be afraid to push it to 1600 or 3200 for ambient-light only shots if you need to and just go crazy with the noise reduction in post for those. I would also just go with direct flash if the ceiling is too high, you'll be throwing away most of your light if your bounce card is not directly in the beam path. Oh, and yes, I think the 17-55 would be a good choice here, if the party is crowded you'll be extremely glad you have that 17mm at your disposal. Parties can be great opportunities for people photos, don't forget to have fun with it too.

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