Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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You're right, I got them confused

Craigski wrote:

cyainparadise wrote:

I also liked the 17-35mm. I irst got to try it out on a field shot that the local Minolta rep held at the zoo. The only problem as I see it, was that it had a variable maximum aperture, while Canon and Nikon had a constant maximum aperture.

joel avery wrote:

It looks like the 17-35 / 3.5g didn't make it onto any of the lists I saw. Thought I would add it because, as far as sharpness goes, it outshines most of my other glass within its range.

Minolta made four G-class zooms, and all of them have constant maximum apertures.

The G-class wide-angle zoom can be found in two flavors: early orange coating, and later green coating. The latter is much less prone to flares.

I think you are referring to the "other" Minolta 17-35, the f/2.8-4.


I do wonder why Minolta used an 'orange' coating, as they had been using the 'green' one for years, and I recall that they were referred to as 'green eye'.

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