RAW vs. JPEG - Better format for beginner?

Started Jun 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Josh Adelson Regular Member • Posts: 137
Re: RAW vs. JPEG - Better format for beginner?

Rather than asking which format is best for a beginner, I suggest you think about whether a your time is better spent learning to shoot or learning to post-process.

I feel strongly that a beginner should concentrate on the many aspects of shooting: light, composition, timing, exposure, camera settings, how you relate to people you are photographing, and so on. As your skill grows in these things, you will get rewarding out-of-camera (JPEG or RAW) results. If you don't get these things right, then even the best post-processing will be of limited value. Of course there will always be exceptions but generally this will be the case.

You can still shoot in RAW if you want. Just don't spend a lot of time mastering RAW processing techniques before you have mastered your camera.

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