First outing with my x-pro 1, Please critique my street set

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Re: First outing with my x-pro 1, Please critique my street set

Wow, this is awesome!

So it seems like I still have much to grasp when it comes to street/ documentary work but I will say that it is the area of photography that I prefer. It seems that a lot of 'change cameras' is going on here but personally I do not like bulky SLRs (which is why I picked up the XP1 from amazon wharehouse for an OMD price).

Is their any suggestions for books to read or reference material because I am seeing a lot of 'rules' or styles that I am going against that i would like to learn and grow in.

Thank you for the advice. It was really what I was looking for. It is enterprisingly hard to get critical advice especially in this field.

THank you again

xtoph wrote:

i think you've gotten some good comments already, but here are a few more.

i can understand the feeling of inspiration or the energizing jolt that can come from new equipment. i think it is a very useful way to stay fresh in photography, and has helped stimulate me to make some of my favorite photos. but, it tends to work best when you have used the previous gear long enough to get so familiar with it that it actually has settled down into habit.

to me what i see first in this set is the ott color, which reads as gimmicky, especially amidst several bw shots. (i like 099 btw.) and i see a lot of shallow dof shots which don't really make sense to me, esp when the focus is often significantly off.

if you are using the evf, i am not sure how the camera is helping you compared to an slr. either way you get basically wysiwyg framing, but in the xp1 you have to deal with the terrible visual quality (compared to those slrs). since it seems you are relying on af anyway, i strongly suggest you consider using the ovf, to at least gain some of the benefits that it offers over slrs (see outside the frame, see the true scene not a blur field). if you really want to use an evf, i'd recommend an om-d or nex-7, either of which will give you better focussing (particularly the oly), covering the whole frame, even with tracking face detection.

but i shouldn't encourage you you switch cameras yet again; i am merely responding to your own remarks about what you liked while shooting this camera.

my suggestion would be to urge you to stick with a medium aperture like f/5.6 most of time, and one lens, either the standard or wide angle, and try to get a really good handle on how the camera behaves (af, exposure) and how the ovf relates to the captured image. it is great to pay attention to things like placing important picture elements off-center, but in and of itself, this is no great virtue, unless it serves a larger compositional purpose. consider 109; why is the old man way off on the side, when the rest of the frame is just blur? meanwhile, you have almost cut off his hat brim, and have actually cut off his hand. is it really worth it? what is the payoff?

118 otoh makes more sense; there's more of the subject actually in the frame, even if you've again cut off some of the hand, and the starfish provide a needed subject focus for the middle field of the frame. still, the most impressive thing about the picture visually seems to be the color, which i find rather cartoonish, personally. sort of seems like she's just spotted sponge bob out of frame to the right.

what i don't see a lot of in these shots is people relating to their environment, or to other people, in any overall sense. placing subjects off-center makes a lot of sense when doing so conveys how they are moving through their environment; a shot such as 022, however, just looks like you aimed and missed (same with 105); the rest of the frame isn't obviously related to the subjects in any way.

hopefully you will find these comments to be useful, and receive them in the intended spirit, which is constructive, not merely negative. you are already doing the most important thing, which is to take photos. mostly, like everyone else, you just need to do more of that--a lot more.

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