Small camera, really good IQ?

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Small camera, really good IQ?

Hi fellow Pentaxians.

In the Open Talk forum there are some questions and advices regarding buying cameras. But as far as I can see - the answers are uninteresting. Maybe not so many that reads it, so ... Ill ask here .. where I know people.

I have several cameras, among those I almost always use K-5 or G10. The K-5 takes fantastic images and feels so good to use. The G10 is perfect size. Not big and clumsy and not small and fiddly.

I am going to make a journey, to China. And it is lots of travelling and lots of places to visit and lots of walking. A camera like G10 seems to be perfect, but ... I really want something with better IQ - something with a larger (or better) sensor.

Those are my alternatives right now.

Canon G1X - nearly APS-C sensor. Slightly bigger than G10, but still possible to have hanging around your neck all day. One thing - from DPReview review is that it is slow to focus - just as G10 is slow to focus. I can live with G10, but do I want to buy a camera 2012 that is slow to focus? Hmmmmm...

Sony NEX7 (or maybe NEX 5) - APS-C sensor. Can take my Pentax lenses with an adapter. Lightning fast focus (how do they do that?). 24 MP. Yada. Yada. But --- more expensive and also rather clumsy with the zoom.

K01 - hmmmm ... it IS smaller - but not by much. And it is lighter - but not by much. Hmmm ... how I wished Pentax had made it lighter and slimmer. They could - and still make it K compatible.

Some Nikon 1 (J1 or V1) camera. That has an 1" sensor. Its a compromise between the G10 and APS-C in sensor size. But .. its smaller than FourThirds. Hmmm ... I wonder how good it is? And it can take my Pentax lenses - but I dont know if that is interesting with the small sensor.

The new Sony RX100. Very small camera. Still an 1" sensor. It is not out yet --- but looks sweet - hopefully.

There will (maybe) be some new cameras from Sigma, DP1m and DP2m with higher resolution APS-C sensor. But ... they will probably not be out before I go.

The FourThirds (micro or not) I have omitted from my choice. I see no advantage really over NEX APS-C.

The Samsung APS-C cameras generally seem to have worse sensors, due to them insisting on using their own.

Have I missed something?

So ... what do you advice?

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